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Live rivers and lakes, with the tide of goods who master ups and downs

Published Date :2022-04-14


Since the full outbreak of live delivery in 2020, it has become one of the daily entertainment and shopping methods for consumers。According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in Beijing on February 25, 2022 released the 49th "China's Internet Development Statistics Report" shows:

  • As of December 2021, the number of online shopping users in China has reached 8.4.2 billion, an increase of 59.68 million from December 2020, accounting for 81 percent of the total Internet users.6%。
  • As of December 2021, the number of network broadcast users in China has reached 7.0.3 billion, an increase of 86.52 million from December 2020, accounting for 68 percent of the total Internet users.2%。Among them, the number of live e-commerce users is 4.6.4 billion, an increase of 75.79 million from December 2020, accounting for 44 percent of the total Internet users.9%。
  • In 2021, online retail sales reached 13.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 14 percent year-on-year.1%。

In the past two years, trapped in the "house effect" caused by the new coronavirus epidemic, live streaming goods have grown rapidly in the past two years, sweeping across the country。From individual businesses to large enterprises, from traditional time-honored brands to international big names, from star network celebrities to CCTV anchors, and then to government officials, they have begun to join the wave of live streaming with goods, playing a variety of tricks。

This time, 欧洲杯app will take you together to uncover the charm of live delivery with research data。

Brush live, order, reward, watch and buy, so that consumption entertainment

Recently, 欧洲杯app conducted a special research on "live delivery" for office workers aged 20-50 in first - and second-tier cities。

The study found that 90% of the respondents had watched the live broadcast rooms of Taobao, Douyin, wechat and other apps in daily life, among which 74% of the respondents had placed orders in the live broadcast room, and 27% had paid the live broadcast anchors。

The 欧洲杯app survey compared seven commonly used apps with live delivery functions:

We found that there are certain differences in the viewing conversion rate and order conversion rate of users in the broadcast room of different apps。

Wechat, as the largest social communication APP in China, has a large number of users. However, wechat Direct broadcast room has not gained fame yet, so there are not many users watching live broadcasts on wechat, and its viewing conversion rate is low。

Douyin and Kuaishou are both short video apps, and one of the purposes for users to use them is to watch live broadcasts, so they have the highest viewing conversion rate and the highest reward conversion rate。The difference is that among the respondents in this survey, the proportion of Douyin users is much higher than that of Kuaishou users。

Taobao/Tmall, Jingdong, Pinduoduo belong to the nature of the e-commerce platform APP, most of the users watching live broadcasts on these platforms have a strong purchase purpose, so these APP live broadcast rooms have the highest conversion rate of orders。

Compared with the broadcast room of several other apps, the viewing conversion rate and the conversion rate of orders in the XiaoHongshu broadcast room are not outstanding。However, because XiaoHongshu is a community platform dominated by urban young women, the number of users watching, placing orders and giving tips in its broadcast room is overwhelmingly female。

Attention, share, like, a key three, don't say next time must

What do users do when they watch in the live broadcast room?

欧洲杯app research found that when watching live broadcasts, 53% of users will click to follow the live broadcast room, 39% of users will forward and share, and 31% of users will give the anchor a "like"。

The user behavior of the broadcast room on different platforms will also be slightly different:

  • Often a key three consecutive (attention + share + like) is Pin-duo live broadcast room users;
  • The users who often forward and share, compare prices, search and evaluate are the users of Taobao/Tmall live broadcast room;
  • The users who go to other platforms to view product information and compare prices after giving the anchor a thumbs-down are the users of wechat's live broadcast room;
  • Crisp, fancy on the direct order is Jingdong broadcast room users。

Clothing, snacks, department stores, special price seconds kill, early to buy early to enjoy

What do users usually buy when they place an order in a broadcast room?

欧洲杯app research found that the most frequently placed orders by users in the broadcast room are: snacks, clothing, general merchandise;Followed by: beauty, jewelry, fresh。

The types of goods purchased by users in the broadcast room on different platforms will vary slightly。The users of Taobao/Tmall and Douyin are more likely to place orders for snacks, drinks and clothing, shoes and hats, the users of Jingdong are more likely to place orders for electronic and digital products and fresh products, and the users of Xiaohongshu are more likely to place orders for beauty products and clothing, shoes and hats。

In addition to the characteristics of the products sold by the platform itself, the main reason for users to choose to place orders in the broadcast room of the platform is still the preferential strength of the goods and the hand price。Secondly, the ability of the anchor to explain the product and the detailed display of the product details are also one of the reasons that affect the user's order。For Tiktok and Kuaishou, user orders are also affected by the interactive atmosphere in the broadcast room。

The post-80s, second-tier cities, and more users are the wealth passwords of live streaming with goods

The 欧洲杯app study found that 23% of users said that anchors have a great influence on their orders, 54% of users said that they have some influence, and 23% of users said that anchors have little influence。

The post-80s and post-90s are the most important audiences for live streaming, of which the post-80s are more affected by anchors than the post-90s;Among the first - and second-tier cities, users in second-tier cities are more affected by anchors than users in first-tier cities。

Comparing the comments of users from different platforms, it was found that users who watched Pinduoduo live broadcast rooms believed that anchors had the greatest influence on their orders, followed by users who watched Taobao/Tmall, XiaoHongshu and Douyin live broadcast rooms。

Overall, 71% of users like live shopping, 28% of them like it very much, and only 1% of them have resistance to live shopping。It can be seen that the dividends of live streaming will continue to rise in the future。


20 years ago, the TV brainwashed broadcast "Only 998!"", has now been "all girls buy it!supersede。When the generation that mocked TV shopping, after all, it was clear that the live delivery arrangement。

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