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  • To love - hold up their lives with heart

    2016-07-05 Company information

    On July 4th, our colleagues in Beijing, on behalf of all 欧洲杯app employees, sent 4,000 yuan in cash and some grain, oil and food spontaneously donated by employees in the three places to Beijing Hongyuan Qizhi Autism Children Rehabilitation Center to visit the special children。Previously, the company's "Tom and Mary" team had already sent 5,000 yuan of donations from caring people raised in the community to the school to offer a piece of love for these children。Beijing Hongyuan Qizhi Autism Children Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit organization registered by the Civil Affairs Bureau and the director of the Disabled Persons' Federation. It has been established for 11 years and has helped nearly 100 disabled children。 Perhaps you will find that there is such a special group of people around us: their level of intelligence will never be...

  • Alliance Market Research Limited (欧洲杯app) was reappointed as the CMRA Executive Director unit

    2015-11-04 Company information

    On October 28-30, 2015, Beijing time, the fifth CMRA Member Election Meeting was held at the Century Jinyuan Hotel in Beijing。The scale of the conference is unprecedented, there are nearly 100 companies, thousands of people to participate, attracting the attention of many parties。By way of audition and secret ballot, the General Assembly re-elected 56 executive director units, and elected a new president and executive vice president of the association。 At the election meeting, Zhilian Market Research Co., Ltd. won the trust of colleagues in the industry and was re-elected as the executive director unit with a high number of votes, and Mr. Wu Gangmin, President, was also honored as vice president of the association。Zhilian Market Research Co., LTD., founded in 1996, is one of the first foreign-related research institutions in China.

  • 欧洲杯app helps CMRA Xiamen Customer Summit

    2014-12-23 Company information

    The 6th China Market Research and Corporate Customer Marketing Summit hosted by the Market Research Branch of the China Information Association (CMRA) was successfully concluded at the Yuhua Hotel in Xiamen from September 24 to 26. More than 200 representatives from nearly 100 organizations attended the summit。We discussed the topic of "Internet waves, market research insights"。Participants have said that both customers and research companies are willing to share more dry goods in this meeting,The amount of knowledge gained is greater,Gain more,It is a conference to enhance confidence, understand customer needs, and clarify the development direction of the industry;It is a veritable market research industry and corporate customers to meet the feast。 Mr. Wu Gangmin, President of 欧洲杯app...

  • 2014 McDonald's Global Annual Meeting

    2014-04-28 Company information

    In September 2013, McDonald's U.S. headquarters sent senior professionals, together with the heads of relevant departments in the Asia Pacific region, to form a special review and evaluation team to China, and carried out a comprehensive, in-depth and extremely careful strict evaluation and assessment of 欧洲杯app欧洲杯app passed this demanding "big test",欧洲杯app's rigorous, complete and high-quality operation, execution and research system and its innovative quality assurance methods adapt to the characteristics of the Chinese market,Received a positive endorsement from McDonald's USA headquarters,欧洲杯app continues to be McDonald's sole supplier for mystery customer research in China,It is also one of only six secret customer service providers for McDonald's worldwide。 On April 28, 2014, McDonald's USA General...

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