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Terminal sales performance management

Whether the fees you put into the terminal are fully utilized?
Do you know the radiation range of the terminal business area?

欧洲杯app retail terminal business system is to directly help you objectively reflect the performance of all aspects from terminal distribution, people flow, business circle, middlemen to consumers,To help you fully understand the terminal status,How they compare to their competitors,Outstanding problems in current performance can be more fully assessed and diagnosed,Find the key points,Targeted to improve the terminal site performance and the recognition of each link。

零售终端项目大部分难点在于覆盖广、时间紧、质量要求高 (直接关系费用); 在项目Executive ability、数据管控和服务响应方面,欧洲杯app 有全方位完善的solution。

Execution capacity:

  • An adequate resource base of visitors

  • Standardized interview training and assessment process

  • Rich experience in similar projects

  • 欧洲杯app terminal execution experience and network cover 33 provincial-level administrative regions, more than 600 cities across the country, with 10,000 + active visitors, and have completed the registration of the platform and have terminal execution project experience。

Data quality:

  • Newly developed data acquisition platform

  • Standardized operation process, experienced team

  • There are special solutions for auditing projects such as these activities

Quick response:

  • Weekly report monthly implementation mechanism

  • Personalized appeal feedback platform

  • The in-depth digging of the complaint content

Perfect process

In terms of channel performance research, 欧洲杯app has formed a rigorous process from executive recruitment, training, visit arrangement, site visit, questionnaire QC, evidence upload, customer feedback, data report production, monthly report production, etc,The process is combined with 欧洲杯app's newly developed platform,Project progress and quality control through the platform,Both efficiency and accuracy are improved。

Self-r&d platform

  • Data quality control: questionnaire logic control, data logic control for each period, review control of all evidence after upload。

  • Data report: Data report can be read at any time on the platform, can be set for the customer's jurisdiction authority, and can be preset for the data report, providing direct material for the customer's own reporting work。

  • Feedback platform: Open the feedback rights for customers within the jurisdiction, you can see the original data, evidence and other materials of the verification results, feedback platform is friendly, easy for customers to view, photos and recordings are clear, 欧洲杯app supervision for feedback content within 24 hours to deal with the solution。

Data mining

The results of terminal projects can be compared by region, time, SKU, category, competitive products, etc., to mine data rules, understand the key improvement points of data, and at the same time, the in-depth mining of related data with other types, and specify the corresponding special report。

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